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Do you own a hot tub?

Then, more likely, you’ve experienced these things:

  • Chemicals are too high 
  • Not enough chemicals in the water 
  • Water is cloudy or has a mucky appearance 
  • Tub takes too long to empty and refill
  • Leaking or broken pipes

It can be easy to let hot tub repair go until something breaks, but hot tub repair in Cache Valley shouldn’t be put off for so long. 

Let us give you some ideas: 

  • If the chemicals are too high, it may be necessary to add more chemicals or add less at a time during the next cleaning cycle. Sometimes if there is a problem with the spa’s filter, the backwash cartridge can overflow and make a mess. It may be necessary to replace this cartridge. 
  • If there are not enough chemicals in water, before you start adding chemicals to your hot tub, make sure it is clean first. 
  • If the water is cloudy or has a mucky appearance, this may indicate that there is too much dirt inside the filter chamber. You will need to backwash the filter until it runs clear. I
  • If the tub takes too long to empty and refill, there may be air inside the pump. This air will need to be purged before adding chemicals or refilling the tub back up with water. 

Quality Hot Tub Repair Guaranteed from Professionals

But to make your hot tubs run in mint condition, you are likely going to need more assistance – and Elite Spas can help.

You deserve a spa that works like new again! All you need to do is to call us at (435) 757-3725 ASAP.

We offer hot tub service and hot water spa pump service. We can replace all your hot tub parts including heaters and switches, jets and pumps, and much more! We also offer hot water spa pump installation. 

Our team offers full-service repair and maintenance for all types of spas. Our team is made up of the best technicians in the industry who are trained to provide exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. When it comes to your spa, you want only the best!

We provide hot tub repair service in Cache Valley at an affordable price.  We can also extend discounts on parts and labor costs. This means more money in your pocket while enjoying a clean and healthy spa experience with Elite Spas!

Get More from Your Cache Valley Hot Tub Repair

hot tub cleaning net

If you think we’re done, we are not. We go the extra mile for our experts. 

Besides repair, our hot tub experts will provide a hot tub maintenance plan (including weekly maintenance) designed specifically for your hot tub and work with you to ensure the hot tub parts you need are available when needed and keep your water sparkling clean. We understand how much you enjoy your hot tub and can trust Elite Spas to keep it working perfectly for years to come! 

Our specialty service includes hot tub installation, hot tub service, hot tub repair, pool service, pumps, and more. In fact, we’ve been in business for many years servicing Cache Valley and the surrounding areas. 

When it’s time for hot tub or hot spa service and hot tub repair or hot water spa pump service in Cache Valley, look no further than Elite Spas. 

For the best hot tub repair in Cache Valley, call Elite Spas right away! Our team is standing by to assist you with any questions you may have, so give us a call today at (435) 757-3725 or email us at