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If you own a hot tub and do not plan on using it through the winter, it is important to winterize your spa properly.

Why Do You Need to Winterize Hot Tubs? 

This is a great question that only you can answer. If you do not plan on using it at all during the winter, then you can save money by not having to heat it during the cold of winter. If you don’t heat it during winter, you risk freezing pipes which can be even more costly in Spring. 

We highly suggest that you consider it if you are not planning to use it anytime during the season. It will still cost you money to run the tub for months, not to mention a waste of water and energy. 

Winterize your tub when you’re spending the winter months someplace else or when you simply won’t be using it. Thermometers, pumps, valves, jets, and other parts can freeze. Water quality may degrade over time as water evaporates into the dry winter air.

Evaporation can also increase the chemical levels in the tub, making softer water harder. Worse, bacteria and contaminants thrive when the air is warm and moist. In a closed system, they land on walls, floors, seats, ladders—everywhere! And because disinfectants don’t work as well at lower temperatures, it can be harder to keep your hot tub clean during winter.

Most of all, call for winterizing service for hot tubs – never go the DIY route! Sure, you can always watch YouTube videos, but if you damage your tub, the cost will be way more than you spent doing it DIY. 

Get Efficient, Reliable Winterizing Service in Cache Valley

Simply put, it is a good practice and should be done to every hot tub at the end of the fall season – but you definitely need professionals for that. 

At Elite Spas, we specialize in providing the best hot tub winterizing service around the Cache Valley area. We have hot-tub winterizing professionals that can extract all the water from your system (even in the hidden pipes) and make sure it is set up to be ready for the next season.

As hot tub winterizing professionals, we use the latest hot tub winterizing technology to make sure your hot tub is set for cold weather. Once our technicians are done draining, you can rest easy knowing that your hot tub will be ready next Spring!

If you are going to use your hot tub or pool, then by all means, leave it connected and running, it should make it through the winter with no problem. However, it must be connected to power at all times, leaving a hot tub in winter for several days will most likely lead to damaged and frozen lines. Keep your weekly maintenance going as well as you don’t want to open it up in spring to find that you have a new garden of algae in your hot tub. If you aren’t going to use it, save on the electricity and maintenance and winterize it for the season.

If you own a hot tub, you know how expensive they can get. We want to make sure we provide excellent service at an affordable price. If you live in Cache Valley, from Hyrum to Logan to Smithfield, or anywhere close by, then reach out to (435) 757-3725 and ask about our hot tub winterizing prices today or schedule a hot-tub winterizing service with Elite Spas!